Photo Gallery

Paras Biopharmaceuticals' GMP Production and R&D facility

Dedicated facility designed and built for Biopharmaceutical Production (3 Floor Building of cGMP Facility in Oulu, Finland)
Building comprises of -
  • 23000 Square feet total area / 4000 square feet clean room area
  • Class A/B, C and D, Biosafety level BL 1, and 2. FDA and EU compliant
Geographical Location of Company and cGMP Facility in Finland
Build to Perfection- A view of the Clean Room Area (Outside Viewing Corridor)
Fermentation Suits with Full cGMP compliant Fermenters of 150 Liter, and 750 Liter in Clean Room Area.
Process Laboratory Bioreactors of 20 Litre Capacity Full Equipped with MFCS Data Control Systems.
Protein Purification Equipments – AKTA Pilot, AKTA Explorer 100, and Bioprocess 3 mm to 10 mm Large Systems -Suitable for Large Scale Purification.
View of the Process Lab with AKTA explorer 100 and Axi-Chrom Columns with Intelligent Packing Systems.
Utilities at cGMP Facilities - Clean Steam Generator
WFI Water Purification System for Catering the needs of Clean Room Production Area and Process Lab work.
Chilled Water Unit for Supply of Chilled water for Production and Process Lab.
Six Different HVAC Systems for Different Unit Area for Control for EMA Compliance.