Paras Biomultifold® Technology

Biomultifold® provides an innovative and highly efficient process for the production of recombinant proteins using an E. Coli expression system. Biomultifold® enables to achieve expression levels of multigrams of therapeutic proteins per liter of fermentation. This facilitates a very economical and cost effective system for manufacturing of recombinant proteins and their scale up production. Biomultifold® is therefore, the most suitable technology for the large scale production of Biosimilars and therapeutic products at the commercial scale.

Focused Approach

Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy approach is to produce high quality Biosimilars and long therapeutic peptides in most economical manner. The company utilizes the strong scientific expertise and industrial experience of its team to achieve highest production of biologics at scale up level.

Economical Multiple Inducer

Economical Multiple Inducer One of the most advanced features of Biomultifold® E. Coli based technology is achieving high biomass and production with a very economical multiple inducer. The proven Biomultifold® technology comprises of a tightly regulated expression system induced by a low cost, non toxic propriety inducer. As the inducer is completely non-toxic, it leads to simplified post production phase of protein purification, also significantly bringing done the purification costs.

Biomultifold®- Technology Spotlight