PB (CT) 4010

PB (CT) 4010 is a biosimilars humanized monoclonal antibody used for the treatment of various cancers as an angiogenesis incubator. PB (CT) 4010 inhibits a vascular endothelial growth factor that stimulates the formation of new blood vessels.

PB (CT) 4020

PB (CT) 4020 is a biosimilar monoclonal human antibody that reverses the effects of an overactive HER2 receptor, the HER2 gene (also known as HER2/new and ErbB2 gene) which is amplified in 20-30% of early stage breast cancers. PB (CT) 4020 works by binding to the domain IV of the extracellular segment of the HER2 Neu receptor, for example to a specific antigen (HER2) on the surface of breast cancer cells to inhibit cell proliferation and growth.

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